Test the impact of product and portfolio decisions and win market share.

Analyx PortfolioWorx enables marketing decision makers to simulate the effects of changes in the product portfolio on market share using cutting-edge predictive analytics and machine learning.

  • Smart linking of historic data and market research increases the worth of your data.
  • Our econometric model enables to simulate alternative scenarios for new product launches, (re-)positioning and price adjustments.
  • Win insights into the positioning of the new product in the competitive landscape.
  • Sensitivity analysis: the impact of the individual drivers behind the success on the market becomes transparent
  • Advanced tools like design predictions based on state-of-the-art machine learning can supplement or even replace product clinics.
  • Let´s look ahead: We tell you how your customers perceive your new product design.
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  • New Insights through smart linking of your data

    Your data is gold! Data already available in practically every company, above all sales statistics, price and primary research data, provide a sufficient starting point for PortfolioWorx. We’re experienced in big data.

  • Simulate product innovations and learn from your data

    Specify your product and in just a few steps find out how successful it is expected to be in your competitive market environment.
    The software tool gives you on-going access to simulation and scenario analysis capabilities.

  • Locate the new product

    Evaluating the input data enables you to understand where your new product will be positioned within the competitive landscape and which cannibalization effects it will generate in your existing portfolio.

  • Save on your primary research budget thanks to machine learning

    Be a step ahead using AI. Simulate the success on the market with different positioning scenarios. Design predictions based on state-of-the-art machine learning can supplement or even replace product clinics.

Do you want to know what changes in product design keeps you ahead of competition?

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