Define the ideal marketing mix and meet your budget targets.

Based on cutting-edge big data analytics SpendWorx enables you to find the optimum budget and ideal marketing mix in terms of channels, products and regions in order to meet your budget targets:

  • Objective evidence of how your spending impacts market share
  • Reliable insights thanks to transparency on what is driving your marketing ROI
  • Easy-to-operate simulation of alternative scenarios
  • Obtain an analytically derived alternative to the recommendations of your media agency
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  • Big data power right there in front of you

    Test as many scenarios as you like, risk-free, and see the impact on your screen. No need for any expensive additional market research: simply use the data collected in your company over the course of the years!

  • Plan and spend your budget with more confidence

    Make planning and investment simple, focused and based on actual numbers rather than relying on assumptions or benchmarks. Also for adjustments to the budget during the course of the year.

  • Scientifically grounded

    Work with a tool based on Nobel Prize-winning research by leading marketing scientists, like that of Daniel McFadden.

  • Software customizable to your individual requirements

    Customize the way of presentation to how you would like having it. Optimize different target figures: turnover, market share, contribution margin, customer value – while respecting all your constraints.

We bring the power of Data Science to the browser of the CMO.

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