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  The above quote comes from the CMO of a multi-national FMCG. Naturally (and by recent experience), we wouldn’t agree with it. As we are seeing lockdowns again in many parts of Europe, CMOs have to plan for 2021. Many are asking us: Are our budget allocation tools still reliable in the #newnormal or is […]

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This seemingly provocative question has gained increasing traction within the media community and the impact of budget shifts is a very relevant consideration among CMOs. Those who attended the digital #dmexco2020 may have seen Karen Nelson-Field PhD present about video advertising effectiveness. We learned about differences between TV, YouTube and other video formats in terms of attention, viewability, coverage, […]

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  Zero-based budgeting #ZBB means tabula rasa for every new planning period. The budget for each allocation unit (e.g. brand x product line x media channel) has to be regularly justified. Doesn’t sound like fun, right? But when implemented well and done continuously, ZBB has a profound bottom-line impact – McKinsey has measured this globally. Not surprisingly, […]

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October means planning season for many CMOs. Top question typically: What is the “right” budget size? No doubt: This IS important in light of performance & brand goals to be achieved. But in our experience the time spent wrangling for the size of pie is often disproportionate to the difference it makes. We are not […]

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  Poznan/Düsseldorf; September 18, 2020 In August 2020, Analyx achieved another milestone in process and system maturity by successfully completing the ISO27001 auditing process. Receiving the relevant certificate proves that Analyx is adhering to the highest standards on managing information security and protect sensitive data and is committed to continuously improve its Information Security Management […]

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In these uncertain times CMOs start discussing how a “new normal” will look like. As of today, data is too sparse to make serious predictions. But it is apparent that higher frequency and higher velocity of change will be a defining element of the new marketing normal. The disruptive arrival of digital marketing and its […]

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London; January 19, 2020:  Analyx®, a European leader in Marketing ROI decision support, today announced that it had joined the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. The partnership will enhance Analyx’ agile marketing budgeting solution SpendWorx®. By leveraging the power of Nielsen data, consumer-package goods (CPG) companies can use SpendWorx® now even more effectively to regularly optimize […]

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  MROI means Marketing Return on Investment – or in other words: Which impact do the financial resources put into marketing have on sales?  This might sound like dry mathematical finance, but it is worthwhile for every CMO to engage in this topic for two reasons: The term brings the idea of marketing as an […]

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