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We believe in data driven decision support.
We are scientific but not academic.
We are independent.
We empower you but don’t leave you on your own.
Complexity and number of available options have exploded – making optimal decisions requires technology support. We provide that support but clients hold the steering wheel.
We believe in the power of AI & modeling. But we also know their limits and we’ll tell clients about it. We are NOT black box. And we are pragmatic about data limitations.
There is no media agency behind us and no data provider. Not even a financial investor. Analyx® is owner-operated since 2006 - giving clients objective advice.
The software we provide is only part of your success. The rest is organizational change. We know about that as most of us have worked on the industry side of the table before.
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The Analyx® Management Team:
Data Science meets hands-on industry experience

Claudio Righetti


Claudio Righetti has supported senior executives through phases of strategic transformation for more than 20 years. During his five years at McKinsey, he worked on several Marketing & Sales topics and was a member of McKs Consumer Goods & Retail Practice. Afterwards, he worked in various senior roles (portfolio planning, marketing, strategy and innovation) for a leading FTSE 30 company and became CEO of its global venture unit in 2012. As an expert in consumer behaviour, brands and transformation, he understands the challenges international businesses are facing when they need to redesign processes and introduce step-change solutions.

Sascha Stürze


Sascha is passionate about working with Top Management Teams on making Data Science common business practice. He studied Management Information Systems in Germany and the US before joining McKinsey & Company in Berlin. He later worked with the McKinsey Global Institute in San Francisco. In 2006, Sascha co-founded Analyx consistently delivering 10-30% higher Marketing and Sales ROI to multi-national B2C companies. Besides this, Sascha serves on the boards of multiple data & analytics start-ups that he co-founded such as So1 (later sold to Schwarz Group) and Palturai. At Analyx, Sascha serves as CPO being responsible for product and methodology development.

Markus Hoyer


Markus Hoyer has over 20 years of experience in project and client management, Business Analytics, strategy development, marketing optimisation, customer understanding and market research. He has worked on projects in a variety of sectors, among them FMCG, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Retail. After studying Business at the University of Bayreuth, Markus Hoyer started his career at  Procter & Gamble, managing FMCG-brands such as Pampers, Mr Proper and Fairy. In 2001, Markus moved to the Warsaw office of McKinsey & Company, consulting business leaders in several industries. In 2007, Mr. Hoyer joined the Forsa Institute in Berlin as Divisional Director for Market Research. In this function he worked on market research-related topics like customer segmentation, brand positioning and communication effectiveness, mainly for companies in Energy, FMCG, ITC, Financial Services, Mobility and Retail. Markus Hoyer joined Analyx at the beginning of 2015. He is focusing on the German and Polish markets, supporting clients in solving business challenges by applying predictive customer analytics. Mr. Hoyer is a German native speaker and fluent in English and Polish.

Maciej Lobinski
Head of Data Science


Maciej Łobinski has a background in Sociology and more than ten years of experience in Market Research and statistical analysis of consumer decisions. As a consultant and team leader, he is focusing on the prediction of sales and individual customer behaviour (including segmentation). Maciej developed several highly effective models to explain and predict individual behaviours (e.g. churn) and aggregated sales. In most of the projects, he is working with nonlinear hierarchical models, boosted methods and neural nets.

Marcin Godlewski
Head of Product and Technology


Marcin has been professionally active in the data analytics space for almost 20 years, with rich experience in a wide range of fields – from statistical modelling, to business intelligence, to data visualization and software development. He is especially keen on bridging analytics and data science with software engineering and technology. Prior to joining Analyx, Marcin was working in roles which included leading software development teams and managing the evolution of a software toolset for collecting, processing, querying and reporting of market research data. He is passionate about productizing analytics and creating solutions which are reusable and scalable.

International execution power

Central Data Science and Innovation hub, 100% owned data center, ISO27001 certified operations

Consulting offices at two EU locations, project execution in five languages

Data collection and aggregation agents on four out of five continents

Access to local media experts (offline & digital) in all major markets

Standing on the shoulders of giants:
Our academic
Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte
Expert in brand management, marketing strategy & AI


Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte is a Professor for International Marketing at SRH Berlin University of Applied Science and CEO of Kaiserscholle GmbH – Center of Marketing Excellence. She has held several senior positions in Marketing as Director Europe Knowledge & Insights & Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, as Global Vice President Brand & Marketing Strategy at Volkswagen, as Associate Principal Marketing & Sales at McKinsey & Company after starting her career as International Brand Manager NIVEA at Beiersdorf. She researches and publishes on AI in the economy.

Prof. Dr. Marc Fischer
Thought leader in dynamic marketing budget allocation


Prof. Dr. Marc Fischer is Director of the Chair for Marketing and Market Research at the University of Cologne and also teaches in Sydney at the University of Technology Business School. He habilitated from the University of Kiel, Germany, and worked as a Professor of Marketing and Services at the University of Passau from 2007 to 2010.Marc won a number of academic prizes for his research, among others the 2011 VHB Best Paper Award and 2009 – 2010 the ISMS-MSI Practice Prize, and is a regular contributor to the top scientific journals.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Klapper
Consumer choice expert & Patron of AxCon


Prof. Dr. Daniel Klapper is the Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Humboldt University Berlin. Previously he was head of the Institute for Marketing at Humboldt University. He habilitated on competitive behaviour and product line competition in consumer goods markets and published a wide range of articles in top marketing journals. In addition to his advisory board function, he is patron of AxCon.



Taking Data Science into the CMO office since 15 years: a brief history of Analyx®

Since 2005 … Analyx® founders consulting European CMOs in making Data Science common business practice

2006 … Analyx® home & Data Science Center in Poznan established, this is where our heart beats

2007 – 2015 … Launch and spin-out of a total of six Marketing Analytics products across Europe as part of Analyx® Group, among them technology leaders such as and

2012 … more than 100 colleagues in Analyx® Group, 20 in Analyx® core

2014 … Analyx® Germany established in Berlin

2015 … more than 150 colleagues in Analyx® Group, 40 in Analyx® core

2016 … Development of SpendWorx® started, the latest Analyx solution aimed at dynamic budget allocation in Marketing

2017 … First SpendWorx® projects at pilot clients, among them one of Germany’s Top3 direct insurers

2018SpendWorx® V1 product launch; Analyx® UK established in London

2019SpendWorx® roll-out at multiple DAX clients for dynamic portfolio optimization (multi-brand, multi-product, multi-country)

The Analyx® Founders:
Independent top-management advisors

Armin Timmermann
Co-Founder & Supervisory Board


Armin Timmermann worked for McKinsey & Company from 1970 to 2003. As Senior Director, he led the Strategy Practice and established the Private Equity Practice. For many years, he mainly advised clients from the German automotive industry.

Dr. Dietmar Meyersiek
Co-Founder & Supervisory Board


Dietmar Meyersiek has been with McKinsey & Company since 1970 and from 1982 to 1992 as Director of International Management Consulting. Long before the big data hype, he founded the first Data Analytics Department within McKinsey in the 1970s.

Sascha Stürze
CPO & Co-Founder


Sascha Stürze is a business IT specialist and learned his trade at McKinsey. There he worked for several of the largest 50 multinational companies in Germany – mainly in the high-tech (semiconductors, software, IT services) and telecommunications sectors. In 2006, he founded Analyx together with two senior business angels, leading it as CEO for many years before assuming the CPO role in 2018.

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