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Decision support for agile marketing budget allocation


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SpendWorx® was developed with CMO’s needs in mind.
Learn how it can help to drive your Marketing ROI:

Optimize budgets across portfolio (MMM 2.0)

 Justify budgets driven by data

Maximize volume, revenue or profit

Factor in long-term brand impact

Incorporate non-media activities

Run predictive what-if scenarios

Adapt fast, powered by self-learning AI

You can host it and even own it (given certain commitment)

Pick your module

SpendWorx® offers a browser-based frontend with all key features for strategic and tactical budget allocation under one roof:

Optimization of budget allocation
Simulation of what-if scenarios
Tactical marketing planning
Visualization of results and predictions

Define targets & constraints

SpendWorx® adapts its recommendations to your current goals and constraints, for example:

Maximize sales under given budget or minimize budget needed to achieve defined sales target
Maximize short term sales or build long-term brand strength
Define minimum spend levels for certain media channels
Input expected competitor actions or planned price changes

Get detailed results

SpendWorx® offers a broad range of result visualizations including predictive analytics, for example:

Overview charts showing the proposed optimized budget allocation
Detailed graphs and tables showing the changes of the optimal allocation vs. baseline (incl. xls export)
Predicted effects of optimization on your sales structure
Resulting impact on your long-term brand strength

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