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Unique features
What SpendWorx is (not)?

The problem SpendWorx® solves

Products & Countries
Marketing & Sales
Growth & Profitability
Monthly planning
Thousands of decisions
1. Products & Countries

You have a certain total budget that you can spend on sales and marketing activities. Your company expects you to maximize ROI.

Let’s assume you are responsible for 3 different countries (France, Germany and Italy)

with 3 product categories each (ice cream, pizza and cookies).

2. Marketing & Sales

Let’s further assume that you can use 8 different marketing channels (TV, print, direct marketing, Google, Facebook etc.) as well as 4 main sales activities (promotion, tapping into new distribution channels etc.)

3. Growth & Profitability

Each country and each product category shows different growth patterns and has different levels of profitability, influencing the optimum allocation of budget.

4. Monthly planning

Assuming your planning runs on a monthly level, then you need to optimize the distribution of your budget onto countries, product categories and activities for each single month, taking into account seasonality effects etc.

5. Thousands of decisions

This multiplies further if you need to plan different regions within each country, consider different sales channels etc. So there are literally thousands of decisions to take. No way to find the optimum manually or based on gut-feel like in the old days.

What makes SpendWorx® special?

SpendWorx® is the MOST COMPLETE
solution for global agile budgeting.


Many others

  • Adhoc projects, results in PPT
  • Only media mix optimization
  • Budget allocation just based on relative marketing effectiveness
  • Only short-term impact of spendings leading to potential underspend on brand health


  User-friendly frontend
Web-based, globally consistent, easy to use

 Portfolio view
Determines the optimal allocation across channels, products, brands and countries

Budget allocation derived from mathematical optimization based also on profit and growth

  Brand matters
Short- AND Long-term impact considered incl. brand strength and spill-over effects

SpendWorx® is FAST
and TRANSPARENT in implementation.


Many others

  • All data come from client
  • Every project is new
  • Semi-manual output
  • Focus is on modeling, not on organizational change


  Data inside
Clients benefit from our data partnerships incl. Nielsen and YouGov BrandIndex

 Proven implementation process
No black box, marketing in driver seat, focus on business impact and lasting use

 Reporting engine
Solution can become single source of truth for tracking, saving time when agencies change

  No blind algorithms
Allows to input constraints based on human knowledge assuring acceptance

SpendWorx® delivers HIGH and


Many others

  • Budget guidance annual at most
  • Optimizing Media Mix only
  • Semi-manual output
  • Ad-hoc ROI impact


  Agile budgeting
Adjust your budget fast to new development, apply the new normality of online to your total channel-mix

 Portfolio optimization
Full, unbiased budget optimization across global brand and product portfolios

 ROI impact that lasts!
Model-supported agile budgeting allows lasting ROI increase of up to 30% proven in numerous projects

  Unbiased advice
Our only incentive is your RoI uplift, as Analyx has no financial benefit from the budget size or final media mix

  Know-how is yours
You can switch agencies without the risk of loosing your data history

SpendWorx® Solution Architecture
(hosted on Analyx own ISO27001 certified servers)

Self-service frontend

  • All you need is your browser
  • Designed for non data science users
  • Allows to run what-if simulations or derive new optimal budget allocation when things have changed
  • Powerful reporting to derive insights from data

Historic Data

  • SpendWorx® is objective, it learns from historic data
  • Database can function as single source of truth (media, sales, brand...)
  • Critical data sources come pre-loaded, for example Nielsen Retail Panel and YouGov BrandIndex


  • Delivers optimal budget allocation across countries, brands & products
  • Target can be selected: maximize volume, value or gross margin
  • Numerical optimization algorithm based on customizable KPIs

Sales Response Model

  • Advanced econometric models to isolate the effect of spendings on sales
  • Incorporating all relevant drivers incl. price, promo, distribution, weather...
  • Explicitly taking into account long-term effects “via brand”

SpendWorx® now comes pre-loaded with relevant data!

Analyx® has entered into a range of partnerships with providers of the most critical data sources to power the models underlying SpendWorx®. Thus, the solution comes pre-loaded with those data and clients don’t have to worry about it.

Analyx® is proud to be one of the few Nielsen connected partners in Europe. In selected markets, this gives access to consistent POS tracking data for FMCG sectors without the need for additional TPAs.

SpendWorx® uses a direct API to YouGov‘s long-term brand indicators (brand awareness, ad awareness, consideration etc.) with weekly granularity for 1,000+ brands in 32 countries.

In collaboration with – one of the most popular weather portals in Europe – we can tune our models to reflect weather impact on sales and marketing effectiveness – down to micro-regional levels.

AZ Direct is our preferred partner for multi-channel targeting of individual households. It also gives access to 100+ geo-indicators (e.g. socio-demographics & attitudes) for micro-regional mediamix optimization.

The frontend of SpendWorx® : no manual required

Select the module you want to use: optimize budget allocation, simulate alternative marketing plans, calculate the effect of an existing marketing campaign, track activities based on historic data or define new product and marketing channels.


In the module “Optimization”, choose the brands and products you want to optimize.


Input your available budget, the KPI you want to optimize (sales or profit) and select the relevant period (e.g. fiscal year, quarter etc.).


Define the desired approach towards brand equity: e.g. to at least maintain current levels of brand equity vs. focus on short-term sales.


Press „optimize“ and immediately see the effect of an optimized budget allocation across brands, product categories and media channels.


Add specific constraints the model should incorporate, like minimum spendings for certain media channels you want to ensure, or your targets regarding brand equity.


Analyze the optimized budget allocation including your self-defined constraints, e.g. which media channels should receive more budget, and which less in order to optimize sales or profit.


Analyze the source of the incremental effect, e.g. which brands, product categories or regions are gaining thanks to optimized allocation.


In the simulation module, you can run your own what-if scenarios e.g. testing different media allocations by simply moving sliders, getting real-time predictions on the most likely sales and profit impacts.


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