YouTube vs. TV – do we still need ads in linear TV?

This seemingly provocative question has gained increasing traction within the media community and the impact of budget shifts is a very relevant consideration among CMOs.

Those who attended the digital #dmexco2020 may have seen Karen Nelson-Field PhD present about video advertising effectiveness. We learned about differences between TV, YouTube and other video formats in terms of attention, viewability, coverage, etc. And we concluded that TV is still a leading platform based on this ‘per ad’ impact perspective.

Yet, ROI ultimately determines budget shifts. In our models for clients, YouTube is one of the top channels throughout categories and brands.
Only few brands have (so far) shifted major budgets from TV to YouTube – or even suspended TV altogether. At Analyx, we are currently working on investigating these shifts and their impact on short-term ROI and Brand KPIs, which we observe thanks to our data partnership with YouGov.

We will share our findings on these exciting developments, so watch this space for updates!