Adidas: “We over-invested in digital advertising!”


Do you remember? A year ago, Simon Peel made headlines – not long after similar statements from  – that a focus on short-term KPIs and the use of digital attribution has led to a single-mindedness on efficiency and the wrong mix.

We were delighted to read that adidas then deployed #econometrics in order to also capture the mid-term effects of their marketing activities. (Something next to impossible for a digital attribution model.)

Further, many articles back then basically said digital = performance. As we know now from our ongoing work on Online Video this is not necessarily the case: Under certain conditions digital advertising can indeed have brand building and reinforcement effects on consumers.

Nonetheless: Especially during the pandemic shifts in budget mix towards digital channels that are easier to ramp up and down has continued and even accelerated in some sectors.

So: Just a storm in a teacup?
Is the “renewed focus on generating brand desire” a myth?

How did the debate affect your #marketingmix?
Which techniques do you use to find the optimum between performance and brand?
Would love to hear from you!